About The Flower Child Boutique

The flower child is a hippie boutique and a peaceful shopping experience!

We sell products inspired by the 60's and 70's hippie culture including bohemian clothing, classic rock band tees, handmade jewelry and handmade home goods!

We want people to remember that the culture and ideals of the 1960’s hippie era is very much alive and needed in today’s fast-paced, technology-everywhere society. Stepping into the store is like stepping back into time! Our online store launched in July 2015 and our first retail store opened in May 2019!

We recently moved out of our Salem retail location! We are looking for a bigger better location and until we find a new space we are currently online only!

 About the owner:

I'm going to give credit to my parents for my obsession and love for classic rock music and the hippie culture. I was raised by hippie parents and always listened to classic rock music growing up! I opened the flower child boutique because I wanted to surround myself with the hippie culture and classic rock music every day. I've always been fascinated with the hippie history and lifestyle. My friends and family always said I had an old soul and was born in the wrong time period. I strive to live my life in peace and harmony and I am a die hard zeppelin fan!
I am this generation's flower child and my store is an extension of me and my love for peace, love and rock and roll.

Peace and love Nicole