Grateful Dead record clock

Grateful Dead record clock
  • Grateful Dead record clock
  • Grateful Dead record clock
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details- reclaimed vinyl record wall clock with a Grateful Dead design and the American Beauty album label

We designed this clock after one of Grateful Dead's most iconic images: steal your face

What does the Grateful Dead Steal your face logo mean?

The idea came from the band’s sound engineer Stanley “Bear” Owsley and Bob Thomas. This iconic logo started out as stencil art originally used to mark the Grateful Dead's equipment while on tour in 1969. It soon appeared on the album cover of 1972's "History of the Grateful Dead, Volume One: Bear's Choice"

The name Steal Your Face Skull (or "Stealie") comes from the 1972 song "He's Gone".  One of the lyrics, "steal your face right off your head", was originally about the band's former manager who had stolen money from the band.

Fans took it as having your “face stolen” by the music. This was a way of suggesting that once you “got” the Dead, you would never be the same.

The logo also appeared on the dead’s double live album “Steal Your Face” released in June 1976

From design, cutting, and construction we do it all! 
We up-cycle only damaged or used albums that can't be sold due to scratches and imperfections! 

Our record clocks are cut on a CNC machine, then cleaned up and constructed with clock hands!

Each wall clock has either white or black clock hands and takes one AA battery

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