Led Zeppelin record clock

Led Zeppelin record clock
  • Led Zeppelin record clock
  • Led Zeppelin record clock
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details- reclaimed vinyl record wall clock with the 4 Led Zeppelin symbols design and album 4 label

Led Zeppelin's 4th studio album is one of their best sellers and not just because it has stairway to heaven on it. When the album was released it was technically untitled. There was no catalogue number, no band name, just a mysterious picture on the cover. The only way to know the contents inside was to buy the album. Led Zeppelin 4 was only identified by 4 symbols symbolizing the identity of each band member.

We designed this clock after the 4 symbols the members of Led Zeppelin created for themselves

What do the 4 Led Zeppelin symbols mean?

Zoso is Jimmy Page's symbol and a mysterious one at that as he has never revealed the meaning behind it just that it resonates with him. There has been speculation like a satanic meaning or his star sign Capricorn, an astrology sign for Saturn 

The feather in a circle is Robert Plant's symbol- "circle of life" meaning truth or courage, and has also been associated with Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice

The 3 circles is John Bonham's symbol and a simple meaning as well. A symbol of the holy trinity: father, mother, and child

The Celtic symbol is John Paul Jones. Trinity bound by circle- representing an individual with confidence and competence

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From design, cutting, and construction we do it all! 
We up-cycle only damaged or used albums that can't be sold due to scratches and imperfections! 

Our record clocks are cut on a CNC machine, then cleaned up and constructed with clock hands!

Each wall clock has either white or black clock hands and takes one AA battery

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