• What is a Flower Child?

    What is a Flower Child?

    We named our store The Flower Child after a group of young people in the 1960's called
    "flower children"

    So what does it mean to be called a flower child?

    Let's take a trip back to the psychedelic era of the 1960's to a groovy world of peace, love, and rock and roll and uncover what it means to be a free-spirited "flower child"

    We can't even begin to understand the 1960's without going back a little further to the 1950's. Without the 1950's there wouldn't be a big explosion of the counterculture called the hippie era of the 1960's.

    So what was it like to live in the 1950's?

    The post-World War II era brought significant changes in society, technology, and culture. Family life in the 1950's was centered around traditional values and roles.

    If you can believe it there was a time where women weren't allowed to have jobs.

    In the 1950's the man went to work to provide for his family while the woman's role was to stay home and clean the house, cook dinner, and take care of the children. Society's view on women was that their place was in the home.


    Every dinner was spent gathered around the table as a family. Fashion was very sophisticated.
    (No sweatpants in the 1950's!)
    Everyone was very "put together". Men wore suits and women wore skirts and had their hair and makeup done every single day. 

    The 1950's was a time to rebuild after WW2. A simpler life filled with innocence, optimism, and prosperity.

    The spirit of the 1950's spilled over into early 1960's.Then BOOM! There was an explosion of a younger generation that didn't agree with how their parents lived! Women wanted more out of life! Combine that with the escalation of the Vietnam war and just like that the 1960's hippie era was born.

    A generation we love, admire and adore.

    So what is a flower child exactly?

    A flower child, also known as a hippie, was a young person who rejected the mainstream values of society of the 1950's culture. The flower children in the 1960's embraced peace, love, and harmony often expressing themselves through art, music, and fashion. Hippies ditched the clean look of the 1950's grew out their hair and threw on some tie dye.


    What was a flower child's beliefs?

    In the 1960's we were in the middle of the Vietnam war. The younger generation did not agree with the political reasons why we were at war in the first place. Flower children believed in nonviolence, environmentalism, and communal living. They advocated for social change and civil rights, protested against war, and promoted the idea of living in harmony with nature.


    When did the flower child hippie era start?

    Technically the counter culture revolution started in San Francisco in the summer of 1967 also known as the "summer of love"

    🎶 Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🎶

    What did hippies wear?

    Flowy, fringe and flare!
    Flower prints, tie dye, peace signs, bell bottom pants, headbands, and flower crowns were radical fashion statements in the 1960's.

    Now we can't talk about the 1960's without talking about the classic rock music that came out of that era.

    Why was the music in the 1960's and 70's so iconic?

    Music had become a vehicle for social change.
    Bands like the Grateful Dead, Crosby Stills and Nash, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Creedence Clearwater, Bob Dylan etc (I could go on and on!) wrote songs about the social and political changes of the 1960's. Anti war/anti government emotions were so high and expressed through music that all young people could relate to.

    Combine the sounds of guitar rock waves with psychedelic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms and you have an explosion of trippy rock music that is still iconic to this day.

    Our picks to express your inner flower child:

    Despite having a laid-back attitude, flower children had a significant impact on society. They were at the forefront of the counterculture movement, challenging traditional norms and paving the way for social change.
    Their influence can still be felt today in movements advocating for peace, love, and equality. 

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