• What does Flower Power mean?

    What does Flower Power mean?

    From flower child to flower power there are several movements, names, and phrases coined by hippies in the 1960's!

    So what does the term flower power mean exactly?

    Let's take a trip back to the psychedelic era of the 1960's to a groovy world of peace, love, and rock and roll and uncover the true meaning of flower power!

    Simply put, the term "flower power" was a movement created from the ideas of flower children in the 1960's!

    The counterculture's beliefs were promoting peace and love as means of changing the world.

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    When did the flower power movement start?

    The term "flower power" originated in Berkeley, California as a symbolic action of protest against the Vietnam War in the late 1960's.

    Flowers symbolize beauty and peace so flower power was inspired by the idea that flowers have the power to promote peace and harmony.

    It was a juxtaposition of peace and violence.

    How was flower power expressed?

    Flower power was expressed through sharing flowers as a gesture of goodwill. Yes it was common practice for hippies to wear flowers in their hair but the biggest expression of flower power was the use of flowers as a symbol of protest against war and violence. 
    Peaceful protestors putting flowers into guns.

     Protesting the Vietnam war with flowers

    On October 21st 1967 almost 100,000 hippies went to Washington DC to peacefully protest against the war in Vietnam.
    The hippies were met with the American National Guard outside of the Pentagon.

    To represent bravery and the power of a peaceful protest the flower children started putting flowers into the barrel of the guns. 

    There is a famous photo titled "flower power" from that day taken by photographer Bernie Boston. This photo has been the iconic image to represent the flower power movement and was nominated for a pulitzer prize in 1967.

    "Flower Power"

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    What impact did flower power have?

    Flower power had a significant impact on culture and politics in the 1960's. It was a powerful symbol of resistance against the establishment and a call for social change. The use of flowers as a peaceful protest helped to unite people and spread peace and love. Flower power in the 1960's was a symbol of hope and positivity in a time of turmoil and unrest. It represented the belief that peace and love could triumph over hate and violence, and it continues to inspire movements for social change to this day.

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